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The brands I looked into were, OuterKnown Clothing, Gnarly Clothing, Volcom, GAP, Adidas

The businesses I have looked into all have similar types of deals as their advertisements. Especially with holiday season being around the corner. Mostly adds with good imagery and a 30% discount typed in bold letters. Basically, brands always want to let their consumers know that they could be getting the biggest deal ever. By immersing photos of beautiful women or good-looking men or just someone doing something cool and wearing their clothes they are showing the possibility that YOU could be like that person if you pay for their product. Unless I felt like I needed that product their advertisement means nothing. For example, OuterKnown clothing has been clogging their feed about Black Friday sales, almost to the point where it's annoying. However, I'm sure this triggers people to feel like they need to buy their products because there's a deal. They also are an environmentally conscious brand, through the advertisement they tell you how you could be saving the planet by buying their product. Gnarly clothing's Instagram ads are very cool and also include good deals. They give free stickers and try to engage with fans as much as possible.
Social media advertising has less impact on me. The reason is that the goal is to click on the add and buy the product. Basically, anything to make you click on it is what they want. I like magazine ads because there's more of an art aspect to it. You look at it for more than 3 seconds compared to seeing an ad on Facebook or Instagram. The ads you see in magazines and newspapers can be powerful, its raw and it's on paper, not a screen.


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In previous years I was never the type to contact a business unless it was a reservation at a restaurants or something on a very light matter. They either pick up or they don’t and thats all. I never have commented or direct messaged a business about my concerns or complaints. I always felt like the message would never get through anyways. I guess there would only be one way to figure that out.
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I chose the Notable theme because I like the colors and its simplicity. Bold and simple is the way to go. Kind of had to play around with the site to figure it out. Never was too into the whole "blogging" experience so this will be new for me. Not too much to say otherwise!