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Week 11 part 2

For my newsletter, I introduced a new product we have come out with. It is our basic crew neck sweater since winter is right along the corner. I made things simple and easy so that it is focused on what the product looks like.

Niepagen, Nancy

Farias Jr, Jesus

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Week 11

At Nomadik we have not used the email marketing technique quite yet. I do believe this could help generate more awareness for our brand. Letting our customers know when our next line will drop, or if we are having a sale on items could lead to more products bought. Offering promo codes through the newsletter would be another great area to utilize. The fact that emailing is almost free, and if even one person buys a couple of items, you know you did not waster your time or money on the process.

week 10 part 2

I would have several categories involving our different target markets. 

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Farias Jr, Jesus
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week 10

Personal touches are good when passion is portrayed in a positive way. You want your customer or consumer engaged into your actions ad the best way to do that is by showing how much you are involved. The new generation of social media has created many outsiders to be involved in certain brands or people's platforms. Whether the content they leave there is malicious or honoring it is there to stay. Whether one decides to respond is up to them.

Week 9

I used search words that were somewhat related to our brand, for example, I typed in the word "style" and Complex magazine came out so I decided to give them a follow. I did mess around using several terms just to see what would appear, I kind of already knew who I was going to follow from the get-go. I typed in words like surfer, surfing, snowboarding, and much more. I found Kelly Slater and he has been an inspiration to me since I was a kid and followed him because I want to know what he has to say.  I created a people list and a fashion list. The people list involves people I believe are good to look up to for positive mind thinking and the fashion list consists of people or brands that are leaders to the industry I am in. It's good to create a list so you can go straight to what you maybe be looking for. Basically, you can group a subject and search within.  The timing of posting is crucial, I believe most of people look at twitter in the morning or afternoon. So i wil…

Week 8

We generally use Instagram and Youtube to gain following for our brand. My friend and I who have created We are Nomadik are professional snowboarders, I am more or less retired from it. From being in several videos and magazines we have gained a small following. Most of the people who buy our product are snowboarders or people within the realms of the sport. We currently have 1402 follower on Instagram. We are currently selling in over 20 stores in Japan and only do one line of good per year since we are still small. Our online presence is still weak which is why I am taking this class. At WEARENOMADIK we are not trying to hit high numbers too fast, we are dedicated to making product of high quality and not quantity. We want to generally learn the industry and make things happen as they come naturally. Creating a demand before creating too much supply is not where we want to be. As of now the past two seasons we have sold out of most product since we don’t make too much anyways.

Week 7 post 2