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Week13 part2

The vision I have for when it comes to ads for our brand is simplicity and beauty. Not too many words, something simple yet powerful. Our clothes are not too flashy and we intend to keep it that way. This is the beauty of being able to own your brand I believe, you can make it what you want it. Instagram is our favorite platform to use because there its simple and a picture can explain a lot. Twitter is an area we have no interest in nor do we intend on pursuing it. Facebook is okay but there is too much clutter on Facebook these days. Our influencers tag us on Instagram and that leads to people going onto our page. Banner Ads may not be for us but occasionally for a sale it could be appropriate.


The brands I looked into were, OuterKnown Clothing, Gnarly Clothing, Volcom, GAP, Adidas
The businesses I have looked into all have similar types of deals as their advertisements. Especially with holiday season being around the corner. Mostly adds with good imagery and a 30% discount typed in bold letters. Basically, brands always want to let their consumers know that they could be getting the biggest deal ever. By immersing photos of beautiful women or good-looking men or just someone doing something cool and wearing their clothes they are showing the possibility that YOU could be like that person if you pay for their product. Unless I felt like I needed that product their advertisement means nothing. For example, OuterKnown clothing has been clogging their feed about Black Friday sales, almost to the point where it's annoying. However, I'm sure this triggers people to feel like they need to buy their products because there's a deal. They also are an environmentally consci…


Since we are a clothing brand and do not have our own retail store, Google Plus would be a great platform that we could use to spread awareness for the brand. Joining action sports related communities could connect us to potential buyers and new opportunities. Since we live in a world where we are connected without meeting face to face taking advantage over something like Google Plus only makes sense.
Another great new social media platform is live streaming. For example,  if we were having a photoshoot in which one of our athletes were snowboarding on a jump or something in that nature, capturing the experience would interesting I believe. Showing how much work it requires in order to get the shot and what kind of risks these people take in order to do what they love.

Week 11

At Nomadik we have not used the email marketing technique quite yet. I do believe this could help generate more awareness for our brand. Letting our customers know when our next line will drop, or if we are having a sale on items could lead to more products bought. Offering promo codes through the newsletter would be another great area to utilize. The fact that emailing is almost free, and if even one person buys a couple of items, you know you did not waster your time or money on the process.