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Biz or Personal?

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram were geared towards personal until mass amounts of people began using it and it became a business platform as well. LinkedIn is very personal in the sense that its buisness oriented and the purpose of the platform is only for that sole purpose. An artistic platform would be something like Tumblr or maybe even Pintrest. Most photographers or graphic designers on Tumblr and Pintrest seem to have a deeper interest into their personal art or work or feature or whatever you want to call it. Although they may be seeking attention and popularity it is more of a one way street on the communication level. 

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter obviously are big players in the world of business. There are more users, they can target their market and live (real time )information is available depending on the situation. However there are many cases where things are not what they seem to be and pictures and videos can be misleading. LinkedIn would not be used for the purpose of showing off your business but more of your personal profile. 

I never have used LinkedIn but I do use Instagram and Facebook. I would say that Instagram is more of a tool for boredom than anything else. I have not used it to my business advantage but maybe one of these days I will! 


  1. Hi, I like your point about LinkedIn being more of a personal profile, not a business one. In my blog I listed it as a business platform because of the way it connects companies to personal profiles, but I see how it can also be a personal platform since the site does focus on the individual's information and not really businesses themselves.

  2. First off, I would like to mention that I love your blog layout. Per your week 2 assignment, I like that you mentioned Pintrest and Tumblr as being more of an artist platform. I would guess that you may be artistic yourself since you mentioned that? I am not artistic so it's just a guess since that didn't even come to mind for me. I agree with you when you said "Instagram is more of a tool for boredom", as I have spent my hours per week killing time on there. I am on LinkedIn and I also agree that it is a stage for your business. Thank you for letting me comment on your blog!

  3. Hi, I like your comment about how "pictures and videos" can be misleading. It's interesting how we think that social media should bring more transparency to marketing and advertising, but when some platforms inundate a potential customer with so many images, are they getting or looking at the detailed information they may need before making a purchase or decision? You make great points in your article.


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