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Week3A part 2

  • 1.Outerknown (clothing brand)
  1. 2.
  2. 3. instagram @outerknown 
  3. facebook @oknwn
  4. 4.updated frequently
  5. 5. 9/10/2018 instagram and facebook
  6. 6.Yes they update and do prize giveaways on both platforms regularly. 

  7. 1. ThrasherMagazine
  8. 2.
  9. 3. instagram @thrashermag facebook @thrashermagazine
  10. 4. updated very frequently
  11. 5. 9/10/2018 on site, and social media
  12. 6. This is a big time skateboarding magazine that has a collection of great photos, stories and videos that are updated everyday. Im sure I check the site more than 3 times a day. 

  13. 1. Antihero Skateboards
  14. 2.
  15. 3. instagram @antihero18 no facebook
  16. 4. rarely updated
  17. 5. instagram and website 7/9/2018
  18. 6. One of the most core companies in skateboarding that is popular and on high demand to this day is very invisible on social media. They’re riders and brand image do all the talking for people to buy their boards. They are anti corporate structured and bleed skateboarding. 

  19. 1. Nike
  20. 2.
  21. 3. instagram @nike facebook @nike
  22. 4. Always updated
  23. 5. instagram 9/9/2018
  24. 6. Inspirational quotes, imagery of athletes that Just do it. 

  25. 1. Raen (sunglasses)
  26. 2.
  27. 3. instagram @raen facebook @raen
  28. 4. Always updated
  29. 5. 9/10/2018
  30. 6. Oceanside sunglass company that is becoming popular worldwide. These guys do a great job in posting and giving the brand a great image. 


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