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Week 5A

Despite both being gardening companies, it is very obvious what type of demographics Myrtle Creek is aiming towards compared to Armstrong. Myrtle Creek is going for the suave and hip type of people, while Armstrong aims to service a more “basic” crowd. The reason I say this is from the layout of the website. Armstrong has more of the Walmart type feeling, discount appeals and several types of service offerings. Myrtle Creek, on the other hand, aims for more of the experience than just buying their products. I would say Myrtle really wants to appeal their originality and that they have several unique services such as cafes and attractions. 

Lets say someone needed a certain type of plant or shovel or seed, they would go to Armstrong without question. But this same person who probably is into plants would most likely go to Myrtle Creek for the ambience or pure enjoyment. This is where I see a cross over between the two businesses. The tone for both places is same in the sense that they 100% are for plant and nursery people. One services towards more of an experience while the other is trying to sell you their services. 


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Week 3

In previous years I was never the type to contact a business unless it was a reservation at a restaurants or something on a very light matter. They either pick up or they don’t and thats all. I never have commented or direct messaged a business about my concerns or complaints. I always felt like the message would never get through anyways. I guess there would only be one way to figure that out.
If I had my own business I would try to response to as many comments as possible although. If I could make even one more customers happier and come back then I know I will be doing something right. Criticism is key and tiding up your loose ends could come a long way I believe.

Week 1

I chose the Notable theme because I like the colors and its simplicity. Bold and simple is the way to go. Kind of had to play around with the site to figure it out. Never was too into the whole "blogging" experience so this will be new for me. Not too much to say otherwise!